Why is my air conditioner icing up?

Air conditioner freeze overs are probably more common than you might think. However, the issues that cause freeze overs vary widely. If your air conditioner keeps freezing over, you can look at a couple of different things to identify the problem. These range from DIY fixes to needing to call the professionals in. We have created a quick guide to help you understand the possible issues so that you can keep your air conditioner vibing cold sensations all summer long.
Restricted airflow
Probably the most common is when you have restricted airflow, good airflow through the evaporator coils is essential to prevent your system from freezing over. When your system has insufficient airflow, there is not enough heat transferred from the air to the evaporator coils, which will cause the coils to develop an ice layer.

So what can cause your system to have insufficient or restricted airflow?

Clogged air filter
The easiest fix, and the one you’re likely praying for, is a clogged air filter. Over time, dust and mould can build up on the air filter, preventing air from flowing through the system efficiently. The fix to this solution can be as simple as taking out the air filter for cleaning or purchasing a replacement filter for installation, depending on your system.
Blower fan malfunctioning
A faulty blower fan in your head unit can also cause you issues; this can vary from limited airflow from the fan to the blower fan not functioning at all. A technician will be required to inspect the system to diagnose, fix or replace any broken parts.
Other Issues:
If you have assessed your air filter and blower fan and found them to both be ok, you may have one of the following issues.
Refrigerant leaks and […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Is your air conditioning system leaking water like the falls of Niagara? or maybe it’s just a small drip. Below we have listed some of the common reasons why your air conditioner may be leaking.

1. Clogged condensate drain line
A clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common causes of water leaking from your ac. The condensate drain line can get clogged with dust, dirt, sludge and mould. This requires having the blockage sucked out of the drain lin. A technician is required for this fix.
2. Damaged drain pan
Have a really old air conditioner? It may be time to upgrade if you want this problem fixed or you can try and locate a replacement pan. If your system is old enough to rust out it’s likely your unit is end of life and parts may be hard to find. A technician is required for the replacement of your system.
3. Dirty air filter
A dirty air filter blocks air flow over the evaporator coil and your evaporator coil will freeze over. You will literally see ice on the coils which will also stop air flowing across the coils. The ice will melt even when the system is in use and you will see drips coming from your air conditioning unit from water that the pan wasn’t able to contain. It’s a good idea to check your filters regularly for cleaning. Air filters can often be cleaned yourself however if you feel that you need assistance you can contact a professional.
4. Blocked air filter
When your air filter is completely clogged or blocked it will create the same issue as a dirty filter. The unit won’t be able to pull new air through the system efficiently and […]

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Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

The temperature is 35c feels like 40c and humidity is at 95% you look to your air conditioning remote to provide you with some sense of relief. And you get hit with? A nasty smell from the pits of hell itself! Its the last thing you expected or want when you try and cool down. Especially in a Brisbane summer and the air is so thick it feels like a smothering hug. So what’s causing this smell and barrier between you and your freedom in a cool haven. We’ll unpack some of the common causes of that dank smell in the points below.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Musty and Mouldy?
When you turn your air conditioning system on, one of the most common problems is the sudden onset of musty air filling the room. If your filters are clean, you likely have fungal growth deeper in your air conditioning unit. Mould or mildew will start to grow when moisture is present in the system and is unable to drain or dry quickly. The first step in addressing a musty smell from your air conditioning system is to clean your filters. Most people are capable of doing this themselves; however, if you are uncomfortable doing this or have tried with no success its a good idea to contact an air conditioning company for a deep clean.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Have a Gun Powder or Burning Smell?
Do you get a burning or gun powder smell when you turn your air conditioning on? Better turn it off now and keep it off until an air conditioning tech or electrician can have a look. Electrical faults are serious and need to be addressed with priority. If your […]

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Top Tips When Renovating

Are you renovating your house and looking for tips to make your place without breaking the bank? We have listed some great ideas to help you on your way. But first things first its always best to keep perspective and know why you are renovating. Your renovating goals to live in a home will be completely different from renovating a house to sell. So before you start; know your budget, educate yourself, Consult professionals and use tools like Pinterest to ensure your design is cohesive from one room to the next.
1. Pay professionals
When you first get into reno mode, you may be full of excitement and adrenaline to tackle the big jobs yourself. But before you do, STOP, take the time to consider DIY disasters. DIY mistakes can cause tremendous headaches and cost you a fortune. If you don’t know your way around the kitchen plumbing, it’s always best to bring in the professionals. For any of the big jobs where you can lean into someone else’s technical knowledge, you will have the peace of mind knowing that it was done right and will be happier with your investment as the years go on.
2. Switch materials
Consider the materials you are using in each area, is it essential that this area has the highest quality option or can you swap out for cheaper materials. Individual items seem insignificant compared to your total budget, but they all stack up when added together. Think about the areas you use the most in your home and invest in these areas to improve your day-to-day life quality. Investing in the right places will help enhance the satisfaction of your renovation and reduce buyers remorse.
3. Reduce Re-use Recycle
The old saying […]

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Are Air Conditioners Covered By Home Insurance?

Air conditioning in the humid Queensland climate is a summer essential. As an air conditioner is a significant investment that can last upwards of 10 to 12 years, depending on the type of model you have, it’s important to know that if something goes wrong, your air conditioner will be covered.

Taking the time to check that your home insurance policy covers your air conditioner will give you peace of mind and could save you time and money in the event that your air conditioner becomes damaged.

Advanced Climate Solutions are your local air conditioning experts, providing affordable aircon services Brisbane wide, including AC installations, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today on 07 3206 3542 for all of your air conditioning needs.
Types Of Home Insurance
There are a range of different types of insurance that cover buildings, furnishings, and fixings such as contents insurance, building insurance, and landlord insurance.

Disclaimer: Listed below are the general inclusions with each type of insurance. However, each individual policy will have different terms and conditions, providing various rates of coverage. For details on your specific insurance policy and whether or not your air conditioning unit is covered, contact your insurance provider directly.
Building Insurance
Building insurance is a type of home insurance that covers the structure of your home including permanent fixtures such as the walls, roof, floors, cabinets, etc. Other structures, such as a garage or carport, are typically also covered by building insurance. Building insurance also generally covers fixed appliances such as a dishwasher or air conditioning unit. However, if you’re not sure of the specific inclusions of your policy and provider, it’s always best to check.

Though your building insurance policy may state that fixed appliances such as your air conditioner are […]

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How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer – Part 2

(Part 2 – Ducted Air Conditioners)
A ducted air conditioning system is a significant investment that will keep your home cool and comfortable all year round. Ducted air conditioners have an expected lifespan of up to 10 to 15 years, with some lasting much longer, so it’s important to ensure that your air conditioner is well looked after and operating efficiently to get the most out of your investment.

In warmer climates such as Queensland, a ducted air conditioner may see little to no use through the cooler months of the year. This means that when it’s time to start your air conditioner back up for spring and summer, it’s a good idea to take the time to do some minor cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

If your air conditioner is due for it’s annual service, now is a great time to book it in with your local air conditioning specialist before summer arrives and they start to get booked out. In the meantime, below are some simple maintenance tips you can perform yourself to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to go for summer.
How To Prepare Your Ducted AC For Summer

Shut Off Power
Before anything else, you will need to completely shut the power off to your air conditioning unit. This includes both at the powerpoint and at the switchboard. Allow at least 30 minutes after shutting off the power before undergoing any maintenance on the unit as this will allow any charge stored in the capacitor of the unit enough time to dissipate.

If you’re not confident in disconnecting the power to your AC unit, do not attempt any cleaning or maintenance to avoid injury.
Clean […]

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How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

(Part 1 – Split System Air Conditioners)
In warmer areas such as Queensland, air conditioners are often only used for cooling. This means that your air conditioner is left sitting idle during the cooler months of the year, collecting dust and debris. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give your air conditioner a quick spruce up in preparation for spring and summer to ensure that it is running efficiently.

Taking the time to prepare your split system air conditioner before turning it back on for summer can help prevent an untimely breakdown during a heatwave when most air conditioning technicians are booked days in advance. Read on for our top tips on preparing your air conditioner for summer or book a professional service for your air conditioner with your local AC specialists at Advanced Climate Solutions on 07 3206 3452.
How To Prepare Your Split System Air Conditioner For Summer

Clean Filters
Split system air conditioners use air filters to remove dust, debris, and other allergens from the air before it is circulated into your home. Over time, these particles build up in the filter and as a result, the filters in your air conditioner should be regularly cleaned or replaced.

Different AC models will use either reusable or disposable air filters. Depending on the type of filter used in your air conditioner you will need to either clean or replace the filter. Checking the filter before turning your air conditioner on for summer will ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible and improve the air quality in your home.

Conversely, neglecting the filters in your air conditioner can cause the filter to become clogged, obstructing air flow and allowing dust and debris held in the filter […]

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Top 3 Tips When Relocating Your Air Conditioner

There are many reasons why you may need to relocate your air conditioner, whether temporarily while performing renovations, or a permanent relocation to a new residence. An air conditioner is a significant investment that should last around 10 years, so there’s no reason not to move it with you when you relocate.

However, it’s important to ensure that the AC relocation is planned and executed safely in order to protect yourself as well as your home and air conditioning unit.
Top 3 Tips When Relocating Your Air Conditioner
Always Hire A Professional
Whether you’re moving your AC outdoor unit by a few metres or relocating an air conditioner to a completely new residence, always hire a professional. Not only will this ensure that there is no damage to your home or air conditioning unit, it will also prevent the risk of serious injury.

Air conditioners operate using both refrigerant and electricity, making them extremely dangerous when handled by an untrained professional. Relocating an air conditioner requires the disconnection and reconnection of electrical wires. Attempting to perform an air conditioner relocation without the proper training can result in serious damage to both the air conditioner and any persons involved.

That’s why when it comes to relocating an air conditioning unit, there is no option other than to hire a trained professional. Advanced Climate Solutions are your local air conditioning experts. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced air conditioning technicians as well as trained electricians for all of your air conditioning needs. Call us today on 07 3206 3542 for expert advice and a free quote.
Determine What Type Of Relocation You Need
There are two types of air conditioner relocations, temporary and permanent.
Temporary Air Conditioner Relocation
If you’re looking to temporarily relocate […]

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Can Air Conditioning Help With Allergies?

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to installing an air conditioner is will air conditioning help with allergies? The short answer is yes. A well maintained air conditioner will improve the air quality in your home, reducing the amount of allergens in the air and helping to reduce symptoms.

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, or year-round allergies to pet dander or dust, consider installing an air conditioner. Advanced Climate Solutions are your local air conditioning experts, providing affordable air conditioner installations Brisbane wide. Call us today on 07 3206 3542 for a free quote.

How Can Air Conditioning Help With Allergies?
Air conditioning can be a lifesaver in the homes of those with allergies or respiratory conditions. This is because an air conditioner will not only help to filter out allergens from the air, it will also help to control humidity levels, both of which can be helpful in alleviating allergies.
Filter Out Allergens
An air conditioner is not only useful for creating a cool and comfortable environment on a sunny day, it can also help to improve indoor air quality to help you breathe easier. This is because as air is circulated through the air conditioner, it is run through a filter that will filter out pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and other allergens before circulating the air back into your home.

As a result, the allergens in the air will be filtered out before reaching your lungs, helping to alleviate allergy symptoms.
Control Humidity
In addition to cooling and filtering the air, air conditioners also help to control the humidity in your home. This is useful in alleviating allergy symptoms as high humidity is ideal for allergens such as […]

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Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades To Attract New Tenants

With the significant increase in townhouses and apartment buildings in Brisbane over recent years, the renter’s market has become more competitive than ever. It’s no longer enough to simply purchase an investment property and expect it to stay tenanted as more homes and apartments means more flexibility and choice for renters.

This means that you will need to ensure that your property stands out to potential tenants, is well presented, and has the right features to attract your target renters.

In fact, a well prepared property will not only attract the right tenants, ensuring that your property is quickly filled, it can also increase the weekly rent that you will be able to charge. Creating a property that stands out and is attractive to a wide range of potential tenants will also afford you the luxury of choosing your ideal renters, protecting your investment from rental nightmares such as property damage, broken leases, and more.
5 Simple Home Upgrades To Attract New Tenants
1) Add Storage
One of the simplest home upgrades you can make to help attract new tenants to your property is adding storage. This is particularly important in smaller rental properties, such as apartments or townhouses, as well as if you are looking to attract long term tenants. This is because most long term tenants will be looking for a property with good storage capacity to ensure that the house is equipped to accommodate their needs throughout the tenancy.

Consider what areas of your home have the space to add more storage, whether it’s a built in wardrobe, additional linen closet, extra shelving in the bathroom, or built in shelving elsewhere in the home.
2) Add More Light
Adding more light will make your property appear lighter and brighter, […]

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