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If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioning unit then you will likely be choosing between the two main types of air conditioners; ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning. So which type is best? The answer depends on your air conditioning needs as each type of air conditioner has its own strengths and weaknesses as listed below.

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Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning

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Central Cooling

One benefit of a ducted air conditioning system is that it is designed to cool the whole house using a single air conditioning unit as the air, once cooled, is circulated into each area of the house via air ducts. This means that if you are looking to cool an entire house, or even a number of rooms in a house, ducted air conditioning could be a cheaper option than buying individual split system units for each room.

Longer Life Expectancy

Another benefit of ducted air conditioning is its average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. This is significantly higher than that of a split system unit, with an average life expectancy of a mere 10 to 12 years.

Discreet Design

Ducted air conditioners also come with a discreet design as only the air vents (mounted in the floor, ceiling or walls) are visible in the room that is being cooled. This is because the bulk of the air conditioning unit is discreetly hidden behind walls and ceilings providing minimal disruptions to the decor of the house.

Considerations Of A Ducted Air Conditioner


One consideration when purchasing a ducted air conditioning unit is cost. Ducted air conditioning units are considerably more expensive than split system units. However, this is to be expected as they cool a whole house rather than just one room. Additionally, the installation of a ducted unit can be more costly and take longer than a split system installation as ducts need to be installed throughout the house in order to circulate the air.

Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioning

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Lower Upfront Cost

One of the main benefits of choosing a split system air conditioner is the significantly lower upfront cost. Split system units are cheaper both to purchase and install when compared with ducted air conditioners. Additionally, the installation of a split system air conditioner is less invasive than that of a ducted AC and can usually be completed in less than a day.

Cool Only Where Needed

Another benefit of a split system unit is that it allows you to cool a single room at a time. This means that is you require only one room to be cooled, you will only have to install one unit, rather than a whole ducted system designed to cool the whole house.

Additionally, if you install multiple split system units, you can turn them on when each room needs to be cooled rather than having to cool the entire house when you’re only using one room. And if your needs change, you can simply install another split system unit as needed.

Cheaper Repairs

Split system air conditioners also come with the benefit of cheaper repairs. This is because replacement parts for a split system unit are usually more affordable than those of a ducted system. Additionally, if you’re using multiple split system unit to cool your house, if one breaks down you need only replace that unit. Conversely, if your ducted AC breaks down your entire house will be left without air conditioning until you replace the whole system.

Considerations Of Split System Air Conditioning

Noise & Appearance

One consideration when installing a split system air conditioner is the noise and appearance of the unit. Unlike a ducted air conditioner, part of the air conditioning unit will need to be installed within the room that it is cooling. This means that you will need to take into account the appearance of the air conditioner in terms of your decor before installation.

Additionally, because part of the air conditioner is installed in the room, split system air conditioners can be noisier when running than ducted units.

Which Is Best – Split System or Ducted?

There is no straightforward answer to the question of which is best out of ducted and split system air conditioners. However, if you’re looking to cool an entire home, ducted air conditioning is likely the best option.

Conversely, if you only need to cool one or two areas of your home, split system is the more cost-effective option. Plus, if your needs change, you can simply add new air conditioners as needed.

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