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Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioner Dealer Brisbane | Installs & Repairs


Ducted air conditioning for many is the ultimate in in-home temperature control. A huge benefit of ducted air conditioning is that you have one system that can cool each individual room of the house without installing an individual split system unit for each room. Reducing multiple split systems into one ducted system often makes ducted aircon abundantly more cost-effective for multi-room cooling than split aircon systems.

Actron Air Conditioner Dealer Brisbane

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to control the temperature of multiple rooms in your home or building. In a ducted air conditioning system, the cooling component is connected throughout your home via a network of ducts. In some ducted systems offered by Actron Air, you can even control the comfort of each room through individual temperature control zoning.

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How does Actron Air do ducted air conditioning better?

Actron Air uses variable fan technology; this matches the amount of air their systems generate to your needs, arguably Australias most advanced fan technology. Another advantage Actron Air offers is they design and build the complete system. This includes individual temperature control components so that you don’t have to buy expensive aftermarket controls.

Why choose ducted air conditioning?


A huge advantage of ducted air conditioning is the discrete vents which means you don’t have the massive on wall unit in each room like a split system does. While split systems are great in some applications, the large fan system on your wall can significantly limit your layout options and interior design choices.


Another great advantage is that your system isn’t pumping air out across the room from one central point. When a split system is blasting air across the room this can create discomfort in the line of sight. A ducted system avoids this issue altogether with ceiling vents.


A significant advantage of ducted air conditioning is control and zoning. Some systems allow you to control individual rooms for optimum comfort for each individual. For energy efficiency, you can also turn zones off if no one is using them.

Actron Air has more zoning options than any other brand.

Day/night zoning

Split your zoning between day and night with two different zones. This allows you to set zone 1 to the rooms you use in the day and zone 2 to the areas that you use at night. Splitting zones between day and night helps contribute to power use reduction and savings on running costs.

Individual room zoning

Individual room zoning is a premium option where you can split all the rooms of your home into their own zones. Each room is air-conditioned separately, which gives greater control over comfort and increased energy efficiency.

Individual temperature control

Individual temperature control is the Bentley of the air conditioning world, giving you access to control the individual temperature of each room at the same time, offering you the best of comfort and efficiency.

Efficiency and saving money

A common misconception is that ducted air conditioning is more expensive than split systems. While there is a higher upfront cost for ducted air conditioning in some applications, this can often be offset over the life of the air conditioner with efficient cooling and lower electricity bills. When installing air conditioning in multiple rooms, a ducted system is often cheaper to install than individual split systems. Another great advantage for cost efficiency is zoning; zoning allows you to shut off rooms that don’t require cooling at the time.

Peace and quiet

Ducted air conditioners are almost silent in comparison to their split system counterparts, this is a great advantage for light sleepers, people who get irritated by the constant drone of split systems.

Advanced Climate Solutions

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