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actronair air conditioning Installers Brisbane

ActronAir Installers

The harsh Southeast Queensland climate demands a powerful air-conditioning solution.

With almost 40 years of experience designing world-class air-conditioning systems for intense Aussie conditions, ActronAir is the industry-leading A/C brand. The company manufactures a wide range of air-conditioning units in Australia, from split systems to multi-splits and ducted air devices.

But finding the right air-conditioner for your home or business isn’t just about branding. You need a reputable installer who can analyse your property and tailor-make the perfect solution for you. 

Advanced Climate Solutions draws on 17 years of experience installing ActronAir systems in the Brisbane Metropolitan Area. Find out how this award-winning installer can help keep your Brisbane property comfortable throughout the year.

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ActronAir Split System Air Conditioning Installers in Brisbane

The ultimate solution for single-room or apartment air-conditioning, an ActronAir split system keeps you cool when the outside temperature soars.

The sought-after Serene Series 2 system is the flagship option, boasting a 7-star energy rating on a single wall-hung unit (2.65kW model). With a practical operating temperature of up to 60 degrees, it’s got the power to keep you comfortable when you need it most. A streamlined design, set-it-and-forget-it functionality, and easy-to-read LEDs make the unit stand out from the rest.

An Intuitive Proximity Sensor further slashes your quarterly bill by automatically reducing capacity when there’s nobody in the room for 30 minutes or more.

ActronAir Multi Split System Air Conditioning Installers in Brisbane

Large offices and residential homes need more than a single unit to keep the occupants cool. Rather than installing several split systems, the multi-split lets you connect multiple interior units to one exterior unit, saving you a small fortune on air-conditioning and installation costs.

ActronAir leads the way with its revolutionary MultiElite Series 2, a popular multi-split system capable of operating up to five simultaneous interior units. Pick and choose the most suitable unit type for you, whether it’s a mini-cassette, a concealed bulkhead system, or the tried-and-tested wall-mounted device.

What’s more, you’ll save precious energy by cooling specific rooms through the user-friendly mobile app (or the remote/wall-mounted control).

ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioning Installers in Brisbane

Ducted air-conditioning sees a central unit blow temperature-controlled air through a network of ducts to effectively cool multiple rooms. Although installation is somewhat complex, these highly efficient systems use less electricity and reach various areas in a more comfortable, evenly spread manner.

ActronAir offers three industry-leading ducted systems custom-designed for unique needs: Ultraslim, for when space is at a premium;  Classic, with a fixed speed compressor for dependable performance; and Advance, with a Tru-Inverter compressor for optimal power and control.

Some incorporate smart zoning control, an innovative feature allowing you to cool separate rooms at specific times.

Harness ducted technology and the power of automation to save big bucks on your electricity bill. With up to 75% better efficiency than a conventional fixed-speed air-conditioner, an ActronAir ducted system could save you up to $4,500 in electricity costs over five years.

ActronAir Air Conditioning Quotes Brisbane

Choosing an air-conditioner manufacturer is only one part of the puzzle. Finding the right system for your space is of equal importance.

That’s why we’ll never recommend a unit over the phone. At Advanced Climate Solutions, we visit your premises in person to weigh all the relevant variables (room volume, sunlight, heat-generating appliances, and insulation) and create a fully customised quote.

Our free, no-obligation quotes draw upon an in-depth analysis of your personal circumstances to tailor-make the ideal air-conditioning solution for you.

Residential Installs

If you’re searching for an efficient air-conditioning solution at home, the team at Advanced Climate Solutions is here to help. Whether you live in a compact inner-city apartment or a sprawling suburban home, we can create a tailor-made package for you.

Our hassle-free service doesn’t end at the installation phase. We’ll provide expert advice on how to care for your new investment and offer an ongoing maintenance program.

Keep your family cool throughout those sweltering Brisbane summers (or warm during our chilly winter nights) with an ActronAir air-conditioner from Advanced Climate Solutions.

Commercial Installs

A faulty, barely-functioning air-conditioner will reduce customer comfort and adversely affect your bottom line. Likewise, an old inefficient unit will consume excessive electricity and create eye-watering utility bills.

Don’t put your business at risk by relying on a substandard air-conditioning system. At Advanced Climate Solutions, we’ve got decades of industry experience installing air-conditioners for all enterprise types. From small retail stores to large industrial warehouses, we can custom-create the ideal climate control system for you.

By optimising reliability and minimising operational costs, we can eliminate your climate control woes and offer the best possible ROI.

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At Advanced Climate Solutions, we offer air-conditioner installations, repairs, and servicing to the Brisbane Metropolitan Region, including the Redlands, Bayside, and Logan areas.

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we pride ourselves on our superb customer service, customised solutions, and high-quality workmanship.

Get in touch with the team today to see how we can help keep your Brisbane home or business comfortable throughout the year.