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The lifetime of any air conditioning unit depends on where it is installed and how well it is maintained. HVAC specialists give most centralised air conditioning units an expected lifetime of 10 to 15 years. However, if well looked after, your air conditioner could last for over 20 years. Conversely, if an air conditioner is poorly maintained, the lifetime of the system could be much shorter than 10 years.

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Factors To Consider:

Quality Installation

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The quality of the air conditioning installation plays a big part in extending, or shortening, the lifetime of your air conditioning system. If shortcuts have been taken or the air conditioning unit has not been correctly installed, the lifetime of the system can be shortened before you’ve even turned it on.

Conversely, if an air conditioning unit is professionally installed to a high standard, your air conditioning unit will likely last much longer.

Correct Size

An air conditioner will generally last much longer when correctly sized for the room that it is cooling. An air conditioner that is too big for the room that it is cooling will constantly be turning on and off causing additional wear to the system.

This is because a large air conditioning system will quickly cool a small room to the set temperature and then turn off. However, air conditioners are not designed for this and as such, the air conditioner will not have a chance to complete the full cycle. This can result in a room that has been cooled without removing the excess moisture in the air.

Not only will this leave the air feeling uncomfortable and clammy, it will result in the rapid rise of the room temperature which will reactivate the air conditioner to repeat this cycle. The constant use of an air conditioner in this way will increase your electricity bill and reduce the lifetime of the unit.

Similarly, installing a small air conditioner in a large room will also increase your power bill and shorten the lifetime of the unit. This is because the air conditioning system will not be able to cool the room efficiently. In this case, the air conditioner will constantly be running on full as it will not be able to cool the room to the set temperature.

For more information on how size can affect the lifetime of your air conditioner, read our guide on how to choose the right sized air conditioner.

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Want personalised professional advice?
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Climate & Location

The lifetime of your system is also dependant on the climate and location in which it is installed. For example, if you live in a hotter climate where your air conditioning unit will be in use year-round, your air con will have a shorter expected lifetime than the same unit in a cooler climate, where air conditioning is only required seasonally.

The physical location of the air conditioning unit can also affect its expected lifetime. For example, outdoor units situated on the north side of a building tend to last longer than units facing any other direction. This is due to reduced sun exposure. Using an AC cover in months where the unit is not in use can reduce the adverse effects of sunlight on your system as well as decreasing the amount of dirt and residue build up.

Additionally, if the outdoor unit of your system is often exposed to water, such as a sprinkler, or if you live near saltwater, components of the system may rust. This will result in a reduced system lifetime.

Set Temperature

Though it can be tempting to set your air conditioner to the lowest possible temperature on a sweltering summers day, it can also be detrimental to your system. Constantly running your air conditioner on high will significantly reduce the lifetime of the unit.

Setting your default air conditioner temperature to be between 24 and 27 degrees celcius will not only save you money on your power bill, you will also be extending the lifetime of your system. Plus, you will be less likely to run into the unexpected cost of an emergency repair for your broken down air conditioner.

Service & Maintenance

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The best thing that you can do to extend the lifetime of your air conditioning unit is ensuring that it is regularly serviced and maintained. If you want to extend the lifetime of your air conditioning unit it is essential that you contract an air conditioning professional for the regular maintenance of your system.

Regularly serviced units should last the full 15 to 20 years or even longer. Plus, scheduled maintenance is an inexpensive way to prevent the need for large and unexpected, costly repairs.

There are also some things that you can do between services to keep your air conditioner working at highest efficiency including regularly changing the filter and keeping the outside unit free from any dirt, debris or build up.
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