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ActronAir Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane

Actonair air conditioning repairs Brisbane

ActronAir Repairs

As Australia’s leading air-con manufacturer, ActronAir creates state-of-the-art devices designed to withstand the test of time. The brand builds all units here in Australia, customising them to thrive in our country’s harsh climatic conditions.
However, like all electronic devices, air-conditioners are prone to wear and tear. If the owner fails to adhere to the recommended maintenance regime, the unit may eventually malfunction.
The last thing you want is to find yourself without air-conditioning during a sweltering Brisbane summer. Being proactive with your maintenance lets you circumvent this sticky situation and remain comfortable throughout the year.
Here’s everything you need to know about ActronAir air-conditioning repairs.

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Why You Should Service Your ActronAir Air-Conditioner

There’s a whole host of reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your annual servicing.

Servicing reduces the likelihood of having to pay for costly repairs. A simple issue like a clogged filter could force the unit to overwork and break down. In this situation, you’d have to pay an eye-watering repair bill or replace the unit entirely.

A well-serviced air-conditioner also performs more efficiently, allowing you to reduce your quarterly electricity bill. Clogged components and dirty filters inhibit airflow, which forces the unit to work harder to cool your home.

Frequent servicing can also enhance a unit’s lifespan. A skilled technician will carefully inspect all the core components for faults. Replacing parts before they fail could prevent you from having to purchase an entire new A/C. 

Annual servicing even offers health benefits. A nice clean filter reduces the amount of pollen and other particles entering your home, which can help mitigate allergies and respiratory issues.

ActronAir Split System Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane

While ActronAir split systems are famously reliable, operational issues may arise.

A common problem among all split systems is a clogged drain line. If you notice an unusual musty smell or see water dripping from the wall-mounted unit, then blocked drainage is the most likely cause.

Another potential problem among split systems is the air-conditioner stops blowing out cold air. Several possible causes could explain lacklustre cooling, from dirty filters to clogged condenser coils.

Thankfully, their simplistic design makes split systems among the easiest air-conditioner types to repair.

ActronAir Multi Split System Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane

The multi-split system is essentially the same as a split system, except multiple interior units connect to one central unit. Therefore, multi-split systems can suffer similar defects, such as clogged condenser coils, blocked drain lines, and dirty filters.

However, all the interconnected interior units will cease functioning if the central unit fails. That means you could find yourself without air-conditioning across your entire house.

For this reason, getting on top of your annual servicing is essential. Don’t wait until it breaks to call a technician.

ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs in Brisbane

Ducted air-conditioning is the most energy-efficient, quiet, and effective way to cool multiple rooms in a property.

However, as all the cooling vents connect through ducts to a single internal unit, regular servicing is imperative. Otherwise, like a multi-split system, the central unit could malfunction and leave your entire home without A/C.

As the central unit typically resides in a hard-to-reach area—the roof, under the house, etc.—it can be challenging (or tiresome) to evaluate potential faults.

A dirty or clogged filter is the most common issue affecting performance in a ducted system. Even though a technician will replace the filter during their annual service, it’s worth reviewing your filter every three months or so.

Some ActronAir ducted air-conditioning systems will automatically alert you when the filter needs replacing, though others will not. Consult the user manual to determine whether you have this feature and learn how to review and replace the filter (if required).

Residential Repairs

ActronAir offers a wide range of state-of-the-art air-conditioning units to suit residences of all sizes, from sprawling suburban homes to petite inner-city apartments. Over a quarter of a million Aussies use an ActronAir air-conditioner in their home.

As Brisbane’s leading ActronAir specialist, Advanced Climate Solutions has the industry expertise to repair your unit promptly. We endeavour to keep every conceivable replacement part in stock, so you don’t have to wait while we order something in.  

Commercial Repairs

An air-conditioner breakdown in your business isn’t just an inconvenience. Scorching midsummer temps will cause productivity to plummet and prompt customers to do their business elsewhere.

Don’t risk the financial fallout of a malfunctioning air-con. Get Advanced Climate Solutions to conduct a scheduled annual service to prevent potential issues before they arise.

If you’ve experienced a sudden malfunction at your workplace, then give us a call. Our expert technicians can resolve the issue before it chips away at your bottom line.

Advanced Climate Solutions: The ActronAir Servicing & Repair Specialists

Whether you’re seeking scheduled annual servicing or emergency breakdown repairs, give the team at Advanced Climate Solutions a call today.

Our highly-trained technicians have years of experience servicing ActronAir products and continue to update their knowledge as the technology develops.

Strategically situated in Thornlands, we service the entire Brisbane Southside area, including Logan, Bayside, and the Redlands.