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Actron Air Split System Air Conditioning Remote / Control Manuals

Thank you for choosing ActronAir’s  Air Conditioner! These comprehensive remote / control manuals are designed to provide you with the information you need to operate your ActronAir air conditioning unit. Please read through the contents below to find the relevant remote/controller manual.

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RC-01 Remote Controller

Actron air Remote Control Manual RC-01 Split System and Cassette

Download the Actron Air RC-01 Manual here

Suitable For Split System and Cassette Models:

  • CRE-071AS
  • CRE-100AS
  • CRE-125AS
  • CRE-140AS
  • WRE-026AS
  • WRE-035AS
  • WRE-050AS
  • WRE-071AS
  • WRE-080AS
  • MRE-035AS
  • MRE-050AS

RC-02 Remote Controller

ActronAir Remote Control Manual Serene Series 2 Split System Air Conditioner

Download the Actron Air RC-02 manual here

Suitable For Serene Series 2 Split System Air Conditioning Models:

  • WRE-026CS
  • WRE-035CS
  • WRE-050CS
  • WRE-072CS
  • WRE-085CS


WC-02 Wall Controller

Actron air wall mounted air conditioning manual

Download the Actron Air RC-01 Manual here

Suitable For Split Systems

If you require professional repair services in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0403 254 272.