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Installing an air conditioning unit in the right spot is key to keeping your home comfortable, energy-efficient, and ensuring your AC lasts longer. Here are some simple tips to help you choose the best position for your unit.

1. Easy Maintenance Access

Make sure the unit is easy to reach for regular cleaning and maintenance. Filters and other components need to be cleaned regularly to keep the unit running smoothly. If the unit is hard to get to, you might skip these tasks, leading to lower efficiency and more breakdowns.

2. Good Airflow

Your air conditioner needs good airflow to work well. Place it in a well-ventilated area with plenty of space around it. Avoid putting it behind furniture, curtains, or anything else that could block the air circulation. This helps the unit cool or heat your space more effectively and saves energy.

3. Work with Natural Airflow

Position your AC unit so it works with the natural airflow in your home, not against it. Don’t place it directly opposite doors or windows, as this can create opposing airflows that make the unit work harder. Instead, find a spot where it can complement the natural breeze in the room.

4. Keep Away from Heat Sources

Keep the unit away from heat sources like refrigerators, ovens, and electronics. These can cause the AC’s sensors to detect higher temperatures, making it work harder than needed. This not only wastes energy but can also make your room too cold.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can make your AC work harder to cool the room, which can lead to overheating and mechanical problems over time. Place the unit in a shaded area or use curtains or blinds to block the sun.

6. Choose the Right Room

Decide which rooms you want to cool. Do you want to cool the main living area, or do you want to cool the entire house? The size and power of your air conditioner will help you make this decision. Sometimes, placing the unit centrally between two areas you want to cool can be a good solution.

7. Blend with Your Décor

While it’s important to meet the technical requirements, you also want the unit to blend with your home décor. Find a spot where it won’t look out of place. A qualified technician can help you find a balance between efficiency and aesthetics.

8. External Unit Placement

The external part of your air conditioner also needs careful placement. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from debris and dust. Placing it on the ground might block access for maintenance, so consider wall or roof brackets instead.

9. Mind the Noise

An air conditioning unit can be noisy, both inside and outside your home. Choose a unit with noise reduction features if it’s near bedrooms or living areas. Also, make sure the placement complies with local noise regulations to keep your neighbours happy.

By following these tips, you can make sure your air conditioning unit is in the best spot for great efficiency, comfort, and longevity. For expert advice and installation services, contact Brisbane’s Advanced Climate Solutions today on 0403 254 272.