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With each summer hotter than the last, air conditioners have become a necessity in Australian homes. However, they are still a significant investment that, if cared for properly, should last between 10 and 15 years. So, when it comes to the installation and maintenance of your air conditioner, it’s best not to take shortcuts. In fact, putting a bit of research in before hiring an air conditioning technician could be the difference between a professionally installed, energy efficient air conditioner, or getting taken for a ride by an unlicensed tradesman.

If you’re looking to hire an air conditioning technician, ensure that you consider the experience of the company, whether or not their technicians are fully trained and licensed, which brands they work with, and of course, cost.

Consider Their Experience

When hiring an air conditioning company it’s important that they have experience in the industry, and with a range of different air conditioner models and brands. However, it’s also important to take a company’s purported experience with a grain of salt. This is because, although a company may have been operating for 25 years, the technician that shows up at your house could be fresh out of an apprenticeship.

Additionally, the air conditioning industry is constantly changing as new technology is developed, so it is equally as important for a company to be well established and experienced as it is that they are staying up to date on the latest technologies. A great way to judge the experience of an air conditioning company is through their level of professionalism and understanding of your needs, as well as whether or not they can provide satisfactory answers to your questions.

Check Their License & Insurance

Before hiring an air conditioning technician it is important to ensure that they hold all of the licenses required to perform the work, and it is within your rights to ask for proof of their license.

In Queensland, “a QBCC contractor license is required to carry out or undertake to carry out air conditioning related work in connection with a building if the value of work is more than $3,300.” Additionally, “a Refrigerant Handling License issued by the Australian Refrigerant Council (ARC) must be held by any person who carries out work in relation the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment.”*

Checking that your air conditioning technician is licensed is very important as, in the case of something going wrong, work by an unlicensed tradesperson will likely not be covered by your home insurance policy, and may void the appliance warranty.

It is also important to check that they are fully insured before any work is performed, as this will cover you in the case of an accident or in the unlikely event that something goes wrong in the future.

Ask About Brandshow to choose the right air conditioning technician

If you need air conditioning repairs it’s always best to ask if the air conditioning company has experience with the brand of your air conditioner, and whether or not they stock spare parts for your particular model. This is important as many companies will specialise in only one or two AC brands and may take longer to acquire the parts needed to repair you air conditioner.

This is also important when looking to have a new air conditioner installed as a company with experience and knowledge on all of the top air conditioning brands on the market will be able to provide you with more options and unbiased advice on which air conditioner is best suited for your needs.

Compare Price

Finally, it’s important to consider and compare cost before hiring an air conditioning company. However, many homeowners will make the mistake of only looking at cost and hiring the company that provides the lowest quote.

Although price is an important factor, simply hiring the lowest priced air conditioning company could end up costing you more in the long run. This is because a quality air conditioning installation will ensure that you air conditioner runs efficiently and requires minimal maintenance and repairs. Conversely, a poorly installed air conditioner can affect the efficiency of the unit and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Additionally, an incorrectly installed air conditioner may not be able to keep your home properly cooled, or worse, could fail altogether. That’s not to say that you should hire the most expensive AC technician, however, price should be only one of the factors used to make the decision of which air conditioning company to hire.


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