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Living in sunny Queensland we are fortunate to enjoy a warm, tropical climate for the majority of the year. Though our winters may be considered mild in comparison to many other locations in the world, there are still several months of the year where Queenslanders reach for extra blankets, hot chocolates, and of course heaters.

When it comes to choosing a home heating system in Brisbane, a reverse cycle air conditioner is the number one choice. Not only will a reverse cycle air conditioner keep your home cozy and warm throughout the winter months for a fraction of the running cost of other heaters, it also provides reliable air conditioning throughout the sweltering, humid heat that Brisbane is famous for.

Advanced Climate Solutions are your local air conditioning specialists providing reverse cycle air conditioning installations, servicing, and repairs Brisbane wide. Call us today on 0403 254 272 for a free quote.

The Benefits of Reverse Cycle AC Heating

Energy Efficient

Reverse cycle air conditioning is an extremely energy efficient way to heat a home. This is because, unlike electric and gas heaters that have to create their own heat, reverse cycle air conditioners extract heat from the outside air.

In a reverse cycle air conditioner, heat is extracted from the outside air where it is absorbed by the refrigerant. The refrigerant is then compressed causing it to warm up further, heating the air that passes through the air conditioner and into the house. The refrigerant is then circulated through an evaporator where it is cooled to begin the process again. Though warmth from the outside air is needed to run a reverse cycle heater, they can still efficiently heat a home in the middle of winter when temperatures drop below 0.

As the air heat used in a reverse cycle air conditioner is extracted from the air, significantly less energy is required to run it when compared with a conventional gas or electric heater. In fact, a reverse cycle air conditioner is 3 times more efficient at generating heat than an electric heater.

Even Room Temperature

Another benefit of reverse cycle AC heating is that the room is heated evenly. This is because a reverse cycle air conditioner is designed to evenly distribute air throughout the room rather than radiating heat from a single spot in the room.

Additionally, reverse cycle heating tends to persist in a room long after the heater is turned off. In comparison, the drop in temperature when an electric heater is switched off can be felt instantly.

Year Round Use

One of the main benefits of a reverse cycle air conditioner is that it can be used year round. In the warm Queensland climate many homeowners may be reluctant to spend money on a home heating system that will only be used for a few months each year. However, a reverse cycle air conditioner is the ideal solution as it provides heating in the winter as well as cooling throughout the warmer months of the year, which is an essential in sunny Brisbane.

This means that you will only have to purchase one unit to ensure that your home is comfortable all year round, rather than having to fork out for both air conditioning and a separate heating system. Additionally, a reverse cycle air conditioner can be used year round, as opposed to a gas or electric heater that is useful for a few months before it gets pushed to the back of the garage to collect dust for the remainder of the year.

This ensures that your air conditioner and heating system remains in peak working condition all year long and prevents the nasty surprise of digging up your heater when winter comes around only to find that it no longer works.

Thermostat Control

Reverse cycle heating can be controlled by a thermostat. This means that you can set what temperature you want the room to be heated to, and once that temperature is reached, the heating system will automatically turn off. This feature prevents overheating and conserves energy as the heating will shut itself off when the desired temperature is reached.

Timer Setting

A reverse cycle air conditioner and heating system can also be set to turn on when you need it. For example, you could set the heating to turn on 30 minutes before your morning alarm so that you wake up to a cozy room. Alternatively, you could set it to turn off 30 minutes after you go to bed allowing you to fall asleep in comfort without having to run the heater all night.

Some reverse cycle systems can even be operated via your smartphone for maximum convenience.

Fire Safe

Finally, reverse cycle heating is a fire safe option as opposed to electric heaters that are often associated with safety issues such as circuit overloads that can result in a fire. Additionally, electric or gas heaters emit high radiant heat which can cause clothing, curtains, or even furniture to catch fire when in close proximity.

If you’re looking for a cost effective and reliable heating system that will keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, a reverse cycle air conditioner is the ideal solution. Call ACS today on 0403 254 272 for more information, expert advice, and a free quote.