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The notoriously hot temperatures of the Brisbane summer means that no Brisbane office is complete without some form of air conditioning. But, which is the best type of air conditioner for your office?

Advanced Climate Solutions are your local air conditioning experts. We have compiled a list of reasons why ducted air conditioning is the solution to keeping your Brisbane office cool and comfortable all summer long.

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Low Running Costs

Ducted air conditioning has lower running costs than split system air conditioners when cooling large areas or multiple rooms. Plus, a ducted air conditioner with zone control is even more energy efficient by only cooling the rooms as you need to.


Zone Control

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Some ducted air conditioners have a zone control function. This allows you to have different temperatures in different zones for maximum efficiency, all controlled from the wall mounted panel. This means that you can only turn on the air conditioning in rooms that need it rather than cooling everywhere unnecessarily such as meeting rooms that may not even be used all day.


Reduce Noise – Clean Finish

It’s no secret that loud or distracting noises can seriously affect the performance of workers. There’s nothing like the background noise of a loud commercial air conditioning unit to stop you from being able to focus. That’s why a ducted air conditioning unit is ideal for cooling offices and workplaces.

So what makes ducted air conditioners so quiet? Unlike split system air conditioners, ducted air conditioning is installed in the roof rather than on the wall. This means that all of the noise making components of the system are enclosed in the ceiling reducing the amount of noise heard in the room that is being cooled.

This also means that a ducted air conditioning system doesn’t come with the eyesore of a wall mounted unit in each room. In fact, the only part of the air conditioning system that is visible all the small vents that the cool air is circulated through leaving your office with a clean finish.


Improve Productivity

Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your office is the key to productivity. When your brain is preoccupied with monitoring, lowering or raising your body temperature, your workplace productivity will suffer. That is why it is so important to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the whole office and ducted air conditioning is an efficient way to do that.

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Extend Computer Lifetime

Not only does a comfortable room temperature improve the productivity of your team, it will also help to extend the lifetime of your office computers. It is important for the health of any computer that it is not used in temperatures above 29 degrees celsius or in humidity above 65%. Ignoring this can cause the computer to slow down, become disabled or even permanently crash.

However, just last summer Brisbane had 30 consecutive days with temperatures above 30 degrees. That’s why it is essential for the health of your computers to maintain a comfortable temperature in your office throughout the summer months.

A ducted air conditioning system is the ideal air conditioner for maintaining an even temperature throughout multiple rooms and offices of a building. Unlike with split system air conditioners which require an ac unit in every room, a ducted air conditioning system uses only one unit to cool an entire home or office.

This is because ducted air conditioners are installed in the roof of a building with wall or floor vents in each room to distribute the cool air throughout the office.


Maintain A Consistent Temperature With A Single Control Unit

Ducted air conditioning is the economical choice for office cooling when compared with split system units. This is because, in an office cooled by split system air conditioning, there will be at least one unit in each room. Each split system unit comes with its own temperature control remote to be controlled individually.

This can bring up the issue of people in different offices wanting different temperatures and can result in air conditioners set to low temperatures that will drive up your utility bills. Plus, there is the added risk of losing the remote control.

Conversely, ducted air conditioners come with a single wall mounted control unit that controls the temperature of the entire area being cooled. This means that you will be able to constantly monitor the temperature of the office and set it to an economical temperature for maximum efficiency.

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Ducted AC is the number one choice for air conditioning for offices in Brisbane. For personalised advice and prices contact Advanced Climate Solutions on 0403 254 272.