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Is your air conditioning system leaking water like the falls of Niagara? or maybe it’s just a small drip. Below we have listed some of the common reasons why your air conditioner may be leaking.

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1. Clogged condensate drain line

A clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common causes of water leaking from your ac. The condensate drain line can get clogged with dust, dirt, sludge and mould. This requires having the blockage sucked out of the drain lin. A technician is required for this fix.

2. Damaged drain pan

Have a really old air conditioner? It may be time to upgrade if you want this problem fixed or you can try and locate a replacement pan. If your system is old enough to rust out it’s likely your unit is end of life and parts may be hard to find. A technician is required for the replacement of your system.

3. Dirty air filter

A dirty air filter blocks air flow over the evaporator coil and your evaporator coil will freeze over. You will literally see ice on the coils which will also stop air flowing across the coils. The ice will melt even when the system is in use and you will see drips coming from your air conditioning unit from water that the pan wasn’t able to contain. It’s a good idea to check your filters regularly for cleaning. Air filters can often be cleaned yourself however if you feel that you need assistance you can contact a professional.

4. Blocked air filter

When your air filter is completely clogged or blocked it will create the same issue as a dirty filter. The unit won’t be able to pull new air through the system efficiently and the evaporative coils will freeze over. As long as the air filters are just clogged from dust or mould you should be able to fix this yourself. If you have an air filter cassette you may need to replace it. Air filters can often be cleaned yourself however if you feel that you need assistance you can contact a professional.

5. Low refrigerant

Low refrigerant lowers the pressure in the air conditioning unit and will cause the evaporator coil to freeze over like having a dirty air filter. If your air filters aren’t dirty its best to call an air conditioning technician in. The fix for this problem depends on the severity of the leak. It could be a fix or a replacement of the whole unit. A technician is required for this fix.

6. Broken pump

The condensation pump can sometimes break or malfunction. The purpose of this pump is to continuously drain water and prevent leakage. When the pump breaks it will result in a water leak or dripping water. A technician is required for this fix.

7. Improper installation

Not having any luck with the other points and your system is pretty new? It could be that your system was installed incorrectly at the start. It’s best to have a technician come out and have a look.

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