ACS has the experience and knowledge to deliver high quality commercial air conditioning systems

The commercial market has undergone a vast array of changes of the last few years in regards to machine innovation and also with new laws that are being enforced in relation to such things such as energy efficiency ratings of buildings.

Choosing the wrong unit or solution could not only cost in relation to occupant comfort but could also prove to be excessively expensive to run in terms of the environment and also ever increasing electricity costs.

Air Conditioner Brisbane (Advanced Climate Solutions) are known for it’s systematic and reliable approach in Commercial Air Con services in Australia.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Two aspects define the metrics that influence the choice of commercial air conditioning systems – efficient conditioning and minimal energy consumption. Advanced Climate Solutions offers the key that blends these two aspects optimally, thereby minimising the power consumed while keeping your employees and customers comfortable.

Experience has enriched us. During our years in service, we met business owners who were confused about the pros and cons of different cooling units. Should it be a central cooling system, a split system or a window unit? What should be the optimum size of the commercial air conditioning?

If you are confused about these aspects, get in touch with us. We’ll iron out your confusions and set up a powerful and energy efficient commercial air conditioning that gives you a high ROI.

Commercial Airconditioning Solutions Brisbane

Whether it is a retro fit of an existing plant or a brand new installation you can be sure that our experienced team will tailor a solution to suit your budget needs and also offer product that is up to innovative now and into the future.

A well-planned Electrical Design for commercial air conditioning systems is an important key in commercial and domestic air conditioning.

So from ducted units, package units to VRV units and even BMS systems, ACS can get your job done right the first time, every time.

Why Advanced Climate Solution?

We offer the complete set of services needed to keep a commercial air conditioning system working perfectly for years.

One stop solution – We can be your answer to all commercial air conditioning problems – from retro fits to installation of new systems, servicing and maintenance, we do it all

Latest advancements at your service – We keep abreast of the latest technologies in commercial air conditioning. So we suggest the most advanced systems that can get you significant cost savings in the long run, both in terms of maintenance and energy expended

Customized solutions – We tailor commercial air conditioning solutions in accordance with your requirements and budgets

We are efficient, we work within timelines and we understand what we do. So, don’t think “Why Advanced Climate Solutions”; think “Why not Advanced Climate Solutions”.

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