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What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is an energy efficient alternative to split system air conditioning. Some of the features of ducted air conditioning systems include:

Constantly Maintained Room Temperature

Most modern ducted air conditioning systems come with temperature sensors installed around the house. These sensors constantly monitor the temperature of the room to ensure that the target temperature is maintained.

This means that once the room is at the desired temperature, the AC system is only used to maintain the temperature which improves the energy efficiency of the system.

Zone Control

Another great feature of the ducted air conditioning system is the zone control. Most systems allow for the house or office to be split into different zones with their own control settings. This means that you can have the system set to cool the living areas in the daytime and the bedrooms at night.

However you want to set it, the zoning system allows for comfortable temperatures throughout the whole home and office while maintaining high energy efficiency. Zoning also means that you can have only one zone heating or cooling at a time so that you aren’t wasting power to heat the whole house when it is not in use.

All-In-One System

Ducted air conditioning is designed to have one system service the whole house. This means that unlike split system air con, only one system is required for temperature control in every room. On average, that makes ducted systems less expensive than split systems if you need more than three rooms to be temperature controlled.

No Hot or Cold Spots

Unlike split system air conditioning systems where all of the air is coming from a single vent, ducted systems include vents installed all over the house in either the floor, walls or ceiling. This means that no area of your home will be missed by your ducted air conditioning unit.

Unobtrusive System

The design of the ducted air conditioning system means that the system is both aesthetically pleasing and quiet. Because the main part of the system is installed in the ceiling or floor, the only components visible from the room are the unobtrusive grills. This also means that ducted air conditioning is the quietest AC system as all of the noise making components are in the floor or ceiling rather than being out in the open.

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

How Does it Work?

Most ducted air conditioning systems are made up of five main components; the fan, the refrigerant, the compressor, the heat exchanger and the expansion device. First, hot air is drawn into the system by the fan through the ceiling grills. Next, the air travels over the cool refrigerant which absorbs the heat from the air. Then the cool air is circulated back into the room.

The now warm refrigerant evaporates into a hot gas which then enters the compressor.  The compressor compresses the hot gas making it high pressure. The high pressure, hot gas is then pumped outside into a heat exchanger. Once inside the heat exchanger, the heat from the gas is removed, allowing the refrigerant to cool and return to its liquid form.

Once cooled, the refrigerant is pumped into an expansion device which lowers the pressure and further cools the liquid. Once the refrigerant reaches its original temperature, the entire process is repeated.

Note: A reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling system reverses this process to heat air. Sensors are usually installed in all heated/cooled areas to ensure that the target room temperature is maintained.

The Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems come with many benefits including:

Energy Efficiency

If there are more than three rooms that need to be temperature controlled, ducted air con is the most energy efficient option.

Reduced Noise

Because of the location of the air conditioning unit, (generally to floor or ceiling) ducted air conditioning systems are the quietest option.

Adds Value

Ducted air conditioning systems can last up to 10 years, and even longer when regularly maintained and serviced. The longevity of ducted air conditioning systems means that they generally add value to any home. Value is also added because it is a heating or cooling solutions for the entire home rather than just one or two rooms.

Professional Installation & Maintenance

Our team at Advanced Climate Solutions are highly trained technicians knowledgeable in electrical, ducting and air conditioner systems. We offer quality air conditioning installations for both split system and ducted AC units. ACS also offers general maintenance and servicing as well as emergency breakdown repair services. This ensures that your air conditioning system will last longer and run smoothly.

For all of your split system and ducted air conditioning needs, contact Advanced Climate Solutions today on 07 3206 3542 or fill out our contact form.