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Introducing the MultiElite Multi Split System – the solution for comfortable living in multiple rooms. This system allows you to connect up to five individual air conditioning heads to just one outdoor unit, making it a convenient and efficient solution for your home, office, or retail space. With its inverter twin-rotary compressor, the MultiElite ensures efficient and reliable performance, adjusting the cooling or heating output to maintain your desired temperature, and reducing energy consumption.

Available in three capacities – 7.10kW, 10.0kW, and 12.0kW, the MultiElite has a wide operating range of -25ºC to 50ºC, making it suitable for any climate. You can pick the best indoor unit solution for specific rooms, such as concealed bulkhead systems, mini-cassette, or wall-mounted systems. The Easy Connect app gives you control of your air conditioning from anywhere, so you can always have a comfortable home.

Installation and commissioning are made easy with features like auto wiring correction and an additional service valve. The MultiElite also comes with a remote controller (RC-01 or RC-02), making it simple to adjust settings like fan mode, louver control, and turbo mode.

Enjoy comfortable living in every room with the MultiElite Multi Split System. Its efficient performance, wide operating range, and convenient design make it the key to comfort and style all year round. Request a quote today.