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Zoning in on the Best Comfort and Savings with ActronAir

At Advanced Climate Solutions QLD, we believe in offering the best to our customers. That’s why, as the leading ActronAir dealer in the region, we are proud to present our clients with the superior choice of Tru-Zoning technology.

While other brands may offer basic zoning options, only ActronAir ducted systems, made right here in Australia, can provide you with the ultimate in comfort, choice, and energy efficiency. The benefits of zoning are clear – it enables you to focus on conditioning the rooms you are using, rather than wasting energy and resources on those you aren’t. To see the impact it can have on your energy bills, try ActronAir’s House-Plan-Zoning-Calculator for an illustration of the savings you can make.

Our systems come equipped with a wider range of zoning options than any other brand, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. With Day/Night Zoning, also known as a 2-zone system, you can choose to condition only half your home at any given time, saving money on your energy bills. This popular option divides your rooms into two sections, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use. And with our advanced technology, including Sense More and Unity IQ control logic, you can rest assured that your comfort will be maintained consistently and efficiently.

For those seeking even greater control and precision, we offer Individual Room Zoning – a premium option that divides your home into multiple zones, each of which can be conditioned separately. Our systems come equipped with Variable Fan technology, Australia’s most advanced fan technology, as well as Sense More and Unity IQ control logic, to ensure the best performance possible.

At Advanced Climate Solutions QLD, we believe in offering our customers more of what they need, without the need for additional and often costly upgrades. That’s why our Australian-made ducted systems come with integrated Zone Card, temperature sensing points, and an on-board temperature sensor, all of which work together for smarter and more efficient performance. Our Sense More technology means that our systems are equipped with more temperature sensing points, enabling them to maintain an even temperature throughout your home, no matter the time of day.

So, whether you prefer Day/Night Zoning or Individual Room Zoning, when you choose Actron Air from Advanced Climate Solutions QLD, you’re choosing the ultimate in comfort, choice, and energy efficiency. Contact the team at Advanced Climate Solutions today to find out more.