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For most homeowners, installing an air conditioner is one of the last things on their minds in the colder winter months. However, the last thing you need when summer finally rolls around, and you realise there’s no way you can survive another Queensland summer without air conditioning, is to be put on a month long waiting list for your AC installation.

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Benefits of Installing An Air Conditioner During Winter

There are many benefits of installing your new air conditioning unit in the winter such as securing cost effective deals, scheduling the install for the least disruption to your schedule, and having your pick of quality air conditioning installers.

One of the main benefits of installing your air conditioner in winter is that this is the off-season for air conditioning companies. This means that you are likely to get a much more competitive price, as air conditioning companies are trying to secure off-season jobs.

Work To Your Own Schedule
Additionally, an installation in the winter usually means that the job will be completed quickly and at a time that best suits you, rather than having to work around the busy schedule of an AC technician in the summer.

Quality Installation
When purchasing and installing an expensive home appliance there is always the worry of untrustworthy technicians cutting corners to save money. Although this can still happen in the winter, it is much less likely. This is because, during the off-peak season, you will have your pick of local installers as opposed to in the summertime when the best companies are already fully booked.

Plus, in the sweltering Queensland summer, most AC technicians are under a lot of pressure to finish jobs quickly in order to fit in as many installations as they can each week. Conversely, with much quieter schedules in the winter, your technician will be able to complete a quality installation without the added pressure of a full calendar.

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