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Are you sick of your employees complaining about the office being too cold or too hot? Do you drop the thermostat in winter and raise it in summer to save a few bucks on heating and cooling? Well, it could be costing you more money than you think.

It’s common knowledge that environment has a direct effect on productivity, for example, if there is a loud construction site next door to your office it will be much harder to focus on your work. However, what most people don’t know is that simply increasing or decreasing room temperature by a few degrees can have a huge effect on productivity. In fact, a Cornell University study found that when temperatures were lowered to 20 degrees celsius employees made 44% more mistakes than when room temperature was optimal at 25 degrees celsius.

The Benefits of Office Air Conditioning

Increase Productivity

increase office productivity

One of the greatest benefits of installing air conditioning in the workplace is increased productivity. When temperatures are too cold or too hot, our bodies begin to use energy to try and regulate body temperature. This means that there is much less energy going towards focus and concentration. As a result, workers are likely to complete their work at a much slower pace and make more errors than they would in a temperature controlled environment.

In fact, office temperatures contribute to billions of dollars in lost productivity every year, and some studies have found that productivity can drop by up to 20% in uncomfortable temperatures. Conversely, when office air conditioning is set to the ideal temperature, workers are able to put more of their energy towards staying on task and focused.

Increased Morale

Not only will a temperate working environment boost productivity, it will also boost your team’s morale. As humans, our brains have difficulty differentiating between physical and psychological sensations. As a result, working in a comfortable environment can often translate to a genuine feeling of happiness, effectively boosting team morale.

Reduce Sick Days

health benefits of air conditioning
Effective office air conditioning units also come with health benefits for your workers. For example, air conditioners use an air filtration system to remove potentially harmful particles from the air. This can reduce the spread of germs and bugs around the office resulting in less sick days. Air conditioning filtration will also help to remove any allergens, chemicals, and other pollutants to protect the health and well being of your workers.

Air conditioners can also reduce the chances of office workers developing colds, flu, headaches, and allergies. This is due to the fact that in a too cold or too hot environment, extra energy is required to regulate body temperature which is taken from other parts of the body. This means that in unideal temperatures, the body will not be working at 100% making it much more susceptible to sickness.

Conversely, an efficient and well maintained air conditioner will increase air quality and regulate the temperature of the office, reducing the number of sick days taken and allowing workers to put more energy towards their tasks.

Extend Equipment Lifetime

One little known benefit of office air conditioning is the effect that it has on office equipment, such as computers and servers. Like most electronics, computers need to stay cool and dry to maintain maximum efficiency. This is especially important for Queensland offices during our hot and humid summers, as an overheated computer can affect both the performance and the lifespan of the system.

However, an effective air conditioning unit can be used to regulate both the temperature and the humidity of the office. This will extend the lifetime of your equipment and prevent premature equipment breakdowns.

How Can Advanced Climate Solutions Help You?

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