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There is no hard and fast answer to the question of whether or not installing an air conditioner will add value to your property. However, in some cases, installing an air conditioner will not only add value, it will also help your home to be sold or leased as quickly as possible. Additionally, even if you have no plans to move or rent out your home, updating your air conditioner can save you money on running costs, and potentially increase the value of the property for when it comes time to sell.

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or rent out your house, there are a number of benefits to installing a new air conditioner first.

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Adding Value To Your Property

Installing the right type of air conditioner can add value to your home. Conversely, having an old air conditioning system can actually decrease the value of your property. This is because older air conditioners use a lot of energy when running, and are much less effective at cooling a room. To a potential home buyer, an old air conditioner means a costly upgrade is needed which will likely be subtracted from their offer to allow the money to install a new air conditioner.

Not only can having an up to date and efficient air conditioning system increase your potential buyers’ offers, it can also set your house apart from similar houses with outdated air conditioners for a quicker sale. This is particularly true for homes with ducted air conditioning as it provides the wow factor of cooling the whole home efficiently.

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Meet Buyer Expectations

When selling a house in a hot climate like Australia, most home buyers expect to see an air conditioner that is modern and in good working order. In fact, not having an air conditioner in tropical climates such as Queensland can be an instant turn off that prevents buyers from ever even inspecting the house.

Even installing a single split system air conditioner in the living area of the home can impact the value of your property as well as the number of interested buyers, giving you an edge over similar houses with no air conditioning.

Environmentally Friendly

More and more people are becoming concerned with protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint so installing a cutting edge, environmentally friendly air conditioning system can increase the number of potential home buyers that your property will appeal to.

Your Local Air Conditioning Experts – ACS

If you’re looking for an affordable air conditioning system to add value to your home and set it apart from the competition, Advanced Climate Solutions has the solution. We provide quality air conditioning installations Brisbane wide with 24/7 breakdown services. We install a range of air conditioners including residential and commercial units, as well as split system and ducted AC, from a range of manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Actron.

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From replacements and repairs to new installations, call Advanced Climate Solutions any time on 0403 254 272 for quality air conditioning services at competitive prices.