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There are many reasons why you may not be able to choose when your new air conditioner is installed, such as an unexpected breakdown or a new house build. However, when given the choice, it is best to install your air conditioner in autumn, as it is the quietest season in the air conditioning industry.

Although winter can still be a good time to install a new air conditioner, many air conditioners are reverse-cycle which means that they can both heat and cool. This means that air conditioning technicians may still be busy with call outs for repairs and breakdowns in the winter months.

Additionally, many homeowners looking to get ahead of the summer rush will have their air conditioners serviced or installed in spring, which can make it difficult to book a quality HVAC technician.

Conversely, the autumn months are the quietest when it comes to air conditioning services. Plus, many contractors will have stock left over from the summer rush, and possibly models from the previous year, that they will be looking to get off their hands at a discounted price.

The Benefits Of Installing An Air Conditioner In Autumn

Save Money

One of the key benefits of installing an air conditioner in autumn is saving money. As mentioned above, many air conditioning installers may have left over stock from the peak summer season that they will be willing to sell at a discounted price.

Since autumn is not a busy time in the air conditioning business, you are less likely to be competing for the contractor’s time. This means that you will be able to easily book the installation for when it suits you best, rather than having to work around the busy schedule of an air conditioning technician in summer.

Additionally, in the off-season you are likely to get more competitively priced quotes and deals as the demand for new air conditioners is much lower.

You Can Do Your Own Research

Choosing a too powerful air conditioner can leave you with a cold, clammy feeling as the air conditioner won’t stay on long enough to complete the cycle and control the humidity. And choosing an air conditioner that is too small for your needs will skyrocket your energy bill as the air conditioner will be working on overdrive to cool the room.

So, not only can taking the time to do your research save you money, as you will have the time to shop around and compare unit prices, you will also have the time to choose the right type and size of air conditioner for your needs. This will ensure that your new AC has the desired result of creating a comfortable environment without unnecessarily inflating your power bill.

Conversely, trying to install or replace an air conditioner in spring or summer when the weather is already starting to heat up means that you will either have to put little to no research into your purchase, or suffer in the heat until a well thought out decision can be made.

Quality Installation

Another benefit of installing your air conditioner in autumn is that, unlike in summer, the air conditioning technician is less likely to be in a rush to get to the next job, allowing them to take their time and complete a quality installation.

This is important as poor installation can affect the energy efficiency of your unit and reduce its lifespan. Additionally, an air conditioning technician that is not rushed will be able to take the time to show you how to use the system efficiently, how to change the filter, and to answer any other questions you may have.

When it comes to quality installations, whether you install an air conditioner in the off-season or in the peak of summer, Advanced Climate Solutions will provide quality air conditioning installations every time. We will never book a job unless the technician has enough time to complete the installation to the highest standard, as quality service is our number one priority.

Advanced Climate Solutions – On Call 24/7

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No matter what the season, if you need a quality air conditioner installation Brisbane wide you can count on Advanced Climate Solutions. Our team of highly trained technicians are on call 24/7 for all of your air conditioning needs including repairs, maintenance, and emergency breakdowns. Call us today on 0403 254 272 for a free split system or ducted air conditioning quote.