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Ceiling Concealed Ducted Air Conditioner (7.1kW – 12kW)
Model Name: PEA-RP250WHA
Type: Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
Sizes: 22.0kW

The Mitsubishi power inverter ducted air conditioner is designed to create the perfect living environment with both heating and cooling for year round comfort. With energy saving technology, the power inverter ducted air conditioner is the ideal way to maintain the desired temperature in your home without running up a huge electricity bill.

Additionally, this model is built with a flexible duct design allowing a variation in airflow to suit any floor plan or layout. The distance between both the air-intake and air-outlet vents can also be adjusted to create the optimal airflow configuration for maximum comfort.

Key Features
Flexible duct design for optimal airflow to suit any layout
Easy installation with the option to adjust the distance between the intake and outlet vents for optimal airflow
Designed for installation in ceiling spaces for hidden heating and cooling
Dehumidifying mode with electronically controlled fan speed to increase range and efficiency of dehumidification