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Air conditioning in schools is often considered an unnecessary luxury. However, warm classrooms can negatively affect all aspects of the school experience including learning capacity, concentration, test results, attitude, and even health.

Air conditioning is essential for schools in hotter climates to not only ensure that comfort and health of staff and students, but also to increase productivity, behaviour, engagement, and results.

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The Benefits of Air Conditioning In Schools

why schools need air conditioners

Increase Concentration

One of the many benefits that air conditioning can provide in schools is increased concentration, not only for students, but teachers as well.

A classroom that does not have air conditioning can become overheated on hot days, resulting in reduced concentration. This is because, as your body temperature increases, your brain starts to focus more and more energy on lowering it, resulting in a lowered cognitive and concentration levels. This means that in classrooms without an air conditioning system, any given lesson can be derailed by a sunny day. And in sunny Queensland with new all time highs being recorded each summer, this problem is even more prevalent.

Conversely, in an air conditioned classroom, the room temperature can be controlled to create a comfortable environment, allowing more energy to be put towards concentrating on what is being taught. This means that schools with air conditioned classrooms have a clear advantage over schools without, as the comfortable learning environment facilitated by the aircon can result in better grades for the school overall.

Improve Behaviour

Similarly, an uncomfortably warm classroom can affect the mood and behaviour of your students. As temperatures rise, your body has to work harder to lower body temperature. This can cause your heart to start beating faster and increase our blood pressure. These physical changes can cause changes in mood including increased irritability and even aggressive behaviour.

Conversely, air conditioning ensures a comfortable room temperature, improving the attitude and behaviour of students and allowing more energy to be put towards learning and concentration.

Healthy Learning Environment

In addition to increasing concentration and improving behaviour, air conditioning helps to create a healthy learning environment.

On hotter days, students and teachers can become overheated which can lead to a myriad of health issues including dehydration, heat exhaustion, sun stroke, and more. With the warmer months of the year extending to either side of the summer holidays and each summer getting hotter and hotter, air conditioning in Queensland is becoming an increasing concern. Not only for the comfort and learning of students, but also for their health and safety.

Air conditioning can effectively counteract the negative health affects of warm weather to ensure the health and safety of both staff and students. Additionally, a quality air conditioning system will improve air quality and reduce dust, pollen, and allergens from the air for a healthier learning environment.

Affordable Air Conditioning Brisbane

Unfortunately, in Queensland, air conditioning is currently the responsibility of individual schools. However, many schools are implementing air conditioning fundraising initiatives to help provide their staff and students with a healthy learning environment.

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